Instructions for sending money to the Troop via PayPal Bank Transfer

1) Go to and login to the site.     

2) Look for the action button that says "Send or request money".
Even if you have $0.00 available, the source can still be your bank.
A transfer to PayPal from your bank will be initiated.

3) In the next menu, look for the button that says "Send to friends or family in the US".     

4) If you've never sent money to the Troop, you'll need to enter the email address of the recipient.
Our Troop's account is "".
If you've sent money before, you'll see a cached contact.     

5) Enter the amount that you want to transfer.
If you're sending money from a bank account, enter the exact amount.
Please remember to enter a detailed note about the transfer.     

6) While choosing a source of funding, pay attention to the fee line.
This fee will be added to your transaction..     

7) Ensure everything is right on the summary and click "Send Payments Now".
The funds will take a couple days to leave your bank account.
The Troop will receive funding immediately.